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CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA Becomes a Sales Agent of Mechanical Simulation


CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA is now a Mechanical Simulation Sales Agent, selling VehicleSim products (CarSim, TruckSim, BikeSim, and SuspensionSim) in southeast Asia.
Mechanical Simulation Corporation is the world leader in the development and distribution of advanced software used to simulate vehicle behavior involving interactions between the 3D dynamic vehicle response, advanced, controllers, driver controls, and 3D roads. The simulation structure for the software is called VehicleSim (VS). CarSim, TruckSim, and BikeSim are VehicleSim products that provide the most accurate and realistic predictions that are possible, in a form that can be easily used by most engineers and technical staff. Each package includes the VS Browser (GUI and database management), VS Visualizer (animation and plotting), on-line help, and VS Solver programs for the detailed math models. The math models run alone or with third-party simulation software such as Simulink, LabVIEW, ETAS ASCET, and others.
CYBERNET SYSTEMS MALAYSIA SDN. BHD. now distributes and supports VehicleSim in Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Viet Nam, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.
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