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In recent years, the optical industry has gradually transformed from a mass-manufactured, low-cost-oriented business model to innovative applications, such as automotive optics, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, and mobile devices.

In response to the development trend of the optoelectronic industry, our annual optical event will share the latest solutions for the most popular lighting, imaging, and lens design. Domain Experts invited from Synopsys Optical Solutions Group and application engineers from CYBERNET company will give you instant insight of the up-to-date optoelectronic technology.

This event is free of charge and brought to you by CYBERNET SYSTEMS and Synopsys. 

Date/ Time/ Venue

Setia Spice Convention Center, Penang, Malaysia









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Greeting & CYBERNET Introduction

Hirokazu Tsuneki,


 Synopsys Optical Solutions Group Today and Tomorrow

The Synopsys Optical Solutions Group has a long history of providing industry-leading optical design software across a wide range of applications. In this talk we will briefly discuss the company and it’s history. We will then discuss our different product lines including: CODE V, LightTools, LucidShape, RSoft and our newest addition Phoenix PIC Design software. We will also talk about future developments for each of the software lines.

Dr. Jake Jacobsen,
Optical Solutions Group, Synopsys


Choosing the Right Illumination Design Software

Dr. Jake Jacobsen,
Optical Solutions Group, Synopsys




 Synopsys’ CODE V Optical Design Software Strengths

In this presentation, you will see the key strengths in CODE V for designing modern optical systems. You will learn about the speed and accuracy of the results of CODE V, and features that enable CODE V users in many of the world’s most advanced technology companies to create state-of-the-art systems for imaging optics.

Dr. Matt Novak,
Optical Solutions Group, Synopsys


Wall Grazing Case Study
-Freeform Design Feature (FFD)

-Parameter Sensitivity Analyzer (PSA)

Felix Cheng,



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CYBERNET SYSTEMS  has long been dedicated to providing advanced system development and integrated solutions to support local companies and government lab projects.

Inheriting the experiences from CYBERNET SYSTEMS located in Tokyo Japan, we have successfully implemented the cutting-edge engineering development environment and prospective market trend to the customers in automotive, optics, new energy, electro-mechanics and commercial equipment industries.

We are confident to provide customers a complete solution from design to mass production, helping you to solve the most difficult challenges that you may encounter when dealing with complex multi-domain systems analysis and simulation with one try.



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