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CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN Introduced Synopsys’ RSoft Product Portfolio into National Chip Implementation Center’s Silicon Photonics Integrated Circuits Platform


With the development of information and communications technologies, optical-electromechanical integration has become a trend in IC design and development. Introducing silicon photonics integrated circuits into the IC design process and simulating optical active and passive components has facilitated IC technology breakthroughs. The National Chip Implementation Center in Taiwan (CIC) has partnered with CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN, the subsidiary of Japan's largest CAE solution provider, CYBERNET SYSTEMS, to introduce Synopsys’ RSoft™ product portfolio for the design of photonic devices and optical communications systems, which have been used to construct CIC’s silicon photonics integrated circuits simulation platform. CIC’s goal is to use its process integration ability to help domestic semiconductor-related companies and universities become global leaders in the photoelectric IC design industry.

“The next generation of chips must incorporate integrated circuits and integrated optical paths,” said Wen-Kuan Yeh, director of CIC. “Today, the world’s leading semiconductor manufacturers such as Intel, Global Foundries, and ST have begun to deploy photonics-related technology processes and designs. CIC has long been committed to cultivating integrated circuit chip and system design talents and upgrading integrated circuit chips and system design techniques. Our goal is to increase semiconductor technology development in Taiwan. CIC also integrates the RSoft products in relevant training courses and works closely with academic institutions.”

“The development of Si photonics has considerable potential. In addition to its application in optical communication systems and wafers, it can be applied to integrated LiDAR, photo-inductance sensors, and biomedical sensing chips,” said Arnie Cheng, CEO of CYBERNET SYSTEMS TAIWAN. “The market is expected to grow to US $97 billion in 20 years. We attach great importance to our partnership with CIC and hope that through this cooperation, RSoft optical simulation tools will be used in conjunction with the design process developed by CIC to foster talent in photonics technology research and encourage industrial innovations.”

“We are pleased with our cooperation with CIC,” said George Bayz, vice president of Synopsys' Optical Solutions Group. “The RSoft products utilized in this cooperation include The RSoft CAD Environment™, BeamPROP™, FullWAVE™, LaserMOD™, Multi-Physics Utility™, OptSim™, and OptSim Circuit, which can be used to design passive components, active components, optical fiber communication systems, and integrated optical chip systems. We believe this will benefit Taiwan’s development of silicon photonics technologies.”