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VehicleSim series

Vehicle Simulation Products
Mechanical Simulation produces and distributes software tools for simulating and analyzing the dynamic behavior of motor vehicles in response to steering, braking, and acceleration control inputs. These software tools are extensively validated and correlated to real-world results as measured and observed by many automotive OEMs around the world.
Simulate motorcycles and scooters that have two or three wheels.
Simulate vehicles with dual wheels, multiple axles, and multiple trailers.
Simulate cars, light trucks, and SUVs, with or without trailers.
Simulate K&C suspension tests; export results to BikeSim, CarSim, and TruckSim.

The simulation packages share many technical features: a user-friendly graphical interface and database, VS Visualizer (3D animator and plotting), and math models that have been validated by decades of research and yet run significantly faster than real time.

The vehicle simulation packages allow you to extend the models using the built-in VS Command language and/or external software such as MATLAB/Simulink, LabVIEW, C code, and others. Furthermore, they can be run in real-time with hardware in the loop (HIL) or as driving simulators.